Open Call: The Cube Art Project and MACAA International Digital Art Competition

The Cube Art Project (CAP) Biannual International Digital Art Competition hosts it’s third exhibition on the Cube May 18, 2018. ALL ARTISTS are welcome including MACAA members.

We will host two screening events: CAP screening May 2018 – May 2019 AND a special screening on Oct 4, 2018 titled: “Digital Art Screening Exhibition for the 2018 Mid-America College Art Association Conference: Techne Expanding.”

We are seeking video art, animations, motion graphics, projects for screening on our large three dimensional monitor (the Cube). This 750 sq ft screen is seen by hundreds of people on a slow day, but it’s also right next to the Pinnacle Bank Arena which hosts enormous events that draws tens of thousands of people several times a week. This is a curated competition of artwork that’s suitable for a public art audience. Wide latitude in genre and style are considered however priority is given to artworks that have a formal/ visual appeal.

About the Conference: “Techne Expanding: Tensions, Terrains and Tools,” the 2018 Mid-America College Art Association Conference at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, will take a wide-ranging look at technology and its use and impact on the teaching, making and performing of art as well as the broader human experience. Recognizing that technology has art and craft at its root (techne) and isn’t limited just to bigger, better or faster tools and products, we will examine how we embrace or resist technology, how we celebrate or critique it, and consider its promise as well as its limits.

Projects should use a single channel .mp4 video file, named: Lastname_Firstname.mp4. Videos should be 936px wide by 288 px tall. Videos not scaled to fill should letter box & prioritize left side (672px wide). Please add a credit clip to any video submitted.

Deadline is April 10th 2018 11:59 US CST
Please review specs and apply here:

The Cube Art Project is a Digital Arts Initiative for the people of Nebraska providing a large format/ public display of international, national and local art. This project is sponsored by the City of Lincoln, Lincoln Partners for Public Art and ColorKey Media LLC.

Each year The Cube Art Project sponsors two digital art competitions and other selected exhibitions of digital art.