COVID-19 Community Resources

Dear New Media Caucus friends,

I’m reaching out on behalf of the NMC to express sympathy and solidarity in these tumultuous times. I hope you are staying safe and secure. For those whose own health, or that of loved ones, has been directly impacted by the coronavirus, I offer our deepest condolences. 

One of the silver linings of this crisis is the strength and generosity our art and academic communities have demonstrated as we attempt to respond to the shifting demands of our professions and the need to care for ourselves, our families, friends, and local communities. The outpouring of efforts to support each other by sharing valuable experiences and pooling resources, all with compassion and humor, has been profoundly moving.

The NMC would like to help. We are collecting resources from our community members and publishing them via our website. Please use this (quick and easy!) Google form to add anything you’d like to share. The resource page will be updated regularly.

Regards to you in these challenging times.

Jessye McDowell

New Media Caucus President

COVID-19 Community Resources

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