Submit to Public_Public_Address Project by November 9th

Election season is a great time to support Black Lives Matter–the work of committed activists is integral to the short and long-term success of combating systemic racism and violence. Submit your protest to Public_Public_Address by the end of the day November 9 and the project will donate $5 to Black Lives Matter.

If you’d like to participate, email your submission to with the subject line: SUBMISSION DONATION!

More information can be found here (


Public_Public_Address is a project by artists Jason Lazarus (Tampa, FL), Stephanie Syjuco (Oakland, CA), and Siebren Versteeg (New York, NY). “Public_Public_Address: A Nationwide Virtual Protest” creates a new platform for public protest during COVID-19, featuring an endless stream of virtual ‘marching’ protesters collaged from video submissions of supporters from across the country who are unable to place themselves at physical risk.

We are actively seeking submissions throughout 2020 and they will be included within 48 hours of submission to the virtual protest stream (submissions should be sent to

We especially invite those who are immunocompromised, people with disabilities, precarious community members including undocumented individuals or those at risk of deportation, medical workers and caregivers to those who are immunocompromised, those without childcare, those who are house-bound, those who are bed-bound, and the many other reasons one may need to protest “virtually.” We are actively prioritizing Black and brown participants and seek to center them in the work.

We also invite activists and activist groups to use this broadcast platform for live feed events–email us to arrange a broadcast! Our first broadcast with Black Lives Matter Tampa (9/1/20) can be viewed here (