The Cube Art Project 2nd Biannual Digital Art Competition

The Cube Art Project is seeking video art, animations, motion graphics, video-mapping, and/or sound visualization projects for our second biannual international digital art competition. Works are screened on our large three dimensional monitor (the Cube) This screen is seen by hundreds of people on a slow day, but it’s also right next to the Pinnacle Bank Arena which hosts enormous events that draws tens of thousands of people several times a week.

This is a curated competition of artwork that’s suitable for a public art audience. Wide latitude in genre and style are considered however priority is given to artworks that have a formal/ visual appeal.

Deadline: December 15th 2017

Application specs can be found here:

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Colorkey Media LLC is a small animation and curatorial company run by artist and professor Michael Burton of the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Michael directs the Cube Art Project which is a digital arts initiative of the City Of Lincoln and Lincoln Partners for Public Art.