The New Media Caucus is pleased to welcome our newly elected board members!

Renate Ferro (Chair of the Events and Exhibitions Committee), Jim Jeffers (Treasurer), Jessye McDowell (Chair of the Communications Committee), Nadav Assor, Liat Berdugo, Carrie Ida Edinger, Johanna Gosse, Patrick Lichty, Byron Rich, Stephanie Tripp, and Jennifer Zayela. Meredith Hoy will be extending her term with the board, in a one-year position focused on exploring resource development and archiving of the NMC’s online materials.

We also thank Bill Miller and Joyce Rudinsky for their years of invaluable leadership to our organization and Carlos Rosas, Meredith Hoy and Daniel Temkin for their service over the years as members of the Board. As part of the Annual CAA conference, the New Media Caucus will be hosting multiple panels, workshops and our annual Member Showcase. You can find the New Media Caucus events information here.

We hope to see you there!

Mat Rappaport

President, The New Media Caucus