The New River: A Journal of Digital Art & Literature – Call for New Media Art and Electronic Literature

The New River is open for submissions until April 1st!

Founded in 1996, The New River is one of the longest-running and foremost journals of digital art and literature. We’re seeking submissions of electronic literature, new media art, sound, computational text, AI-influenced poetry, moving image pieces, interactive narrative, and more. We are also eager to receive innovative works between these forms. The New River is seeking work that glitches and gleans, encodes and engages with purpose.

We strongly encourage work from underrepresented and minority artists as well as emerging artists. The New River seeks to include voices from all over the world. We have previously published works by Nick Montfort, Stephanie Strickland, Lai-Tze Fan, J.R. Carpenter, Winnie Soon, Steve Tomasula, Mez Breeze, Stuart Moulthrop, Kristen Gallerneaux, and many others.

More information on how to submit can be found at: Please send submissions and questions to

We highly recommend that artists review our website to get an idea of the kinds of work that we publish.

We look forward to reviewing your work!

The New River is a journal of digital/new media writing and art. When founded by Edward Falco with help from Len Hatfield in 1996, The New River was the first journal devoted exclusively to digital writing and art. The New River posts new issues twice a year in December and May, and it has been selected by the Electronic Literature Organization for inclusion in the Library of Congress’s Internet Archive Project.