The Wrong 3 : Radical Inclusion (Post 3)

The Wrong (biennale) – An Interview with David Quiles Guilló, founder and director of The Wrong

For anyone not familiar, what is The Wrong? 
The Wrong is a moment in time. An event of events, an exhibition of exhibitions. A lighthouse that propels the talent, and incites it to join many others into a brand new wave of digital art. All crowd composed in a massive collaborative worldwide effort that fades into time after 90 days, and only blossoms every 24 months. The Wrong is a new opportunity for art. A temporary open platform to gather and showcase talent, and a chance to join the digital artists and curators in their work. A moment in online history, but still too soon to be reflected upon.


And, although it has evolved over the years, what is its core?
Collaboration. It is all based in people wanting to participate, either as embassy leaders, as curators or as artists. The Wrong is everyone that has participated or that wants to participate in the future.


What was your reason for starting The Wrong? 
I wanted to do something that has been a constant in my career, which is to bring artists together in projects to make something bigger than ourselves, to feel we belong, to relate to other like minded individuals, to help improve the artistic careers of as many artists as possible, to organise the largest art event ever, and to have a universe of talent in the palm of your hand.

Why is it important to you?
Mainly because it brings me joy. It makes me happy because I sense it makes other people happy.


What is the most challenging part about hosting a biennial as large as The Wrong that is online/offline and general outside of art institutions?
I start working on The Wrong 12 months prior to the end of the next edition, and communication online can be very challenging with so many people and for so long.


This year will mark the third iteration of The Wrong… What’s different or what has changed to make it different/special?
I believe The Wrong is evoluting towards becoming an amorphous recipient made of infinite flexibility. All my efforts are focused on giving the same opportunities to anyone wanting to join, and making the event known.
This third edition is permeating all social channels, using them not only as a media, but also as raw material to create, aiming to impregnate all parallel digital known universes. The approximate 7.000 artworks on display (more than the past two editions combined) curated into more than 100 pavilions and embassies should be a good reason to make everyone’s visit a very special/different one.