Your support makes a difference

NMC is launching a paid membership program that will help us enhance our mission to be a leader in the field of new media art and scholarship.

The New Media Caucus is an all volunteer-run organization that supports the field of new media. We organize numerous events annually at the College Art Association conference, as well as symposia and exhibitions like the 2019 Border Control Symposium at the University of Michigan. We provide resources vital to our community, including our world-recognized scholarly journal, Media-N. We maintain a robust website and email newsletter, which offers up-to-date member news, opportunities, and other information. With your help, we can grow these activities and initiatives, and continue to create new opportunities for connection and advancement within our community.

As we transition to paid membership, we want you to know that we remain committed to providing our online resources and journal free and accessible to the public. In this way, we are adopting a National Public Radio model of support. Your contributions will allow us to collectively give back more to our community. There are multiple membership levels, including pay what you can.

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Advocate Membership: $150

You are an active member of the New Media field and can begin to support it in a more substantial way.

Sustaining Membership: $50

You work full-time in the field as an educator or other professional and want the benefits and opportunities that membership of our organization offers.

Freelance Membership: $25

You work part-time in the field as an educator or other professional.

Student Membership: $10

You are a student in the new media field.

Pay-What-You-Can Membership

For artists, designers, academics, international professionals, and others of limited means who would have difficulty paying the membership fees listed in the “Full Time Employed” and “Part Time Employed” categories. To qualify, please provide the following: a web-link that shows your academic affiliation or professional status, and a 250-word bio, emailed to