Two Adjunct Teaching Positions in Web Design – Hunter College

Hunter College CUNY Department of Film and Media Studies seeks an adjunct professor to Web Production 1 and Web Production 2 this upcoming spring 2022. These classes will be taught in person at the 68th & Lexington campus. Hunter College requires that all faculty have a terminal degree such as an MFA. Please email CV and portfolio link to;

MEDP 285 Web Production 1
Mondays 1:10-4pm
The spring semester period is: 01/28/2022 – 05/24/2022

Course Description
This course is a production course with a technical emphasis on popular code-based techniques for web production including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JS frameworks and libraries. The goal is to introduce various fundamental front-end web and internet technologies, and in doing so, to present a clear understanding of how they interrelate to produce creative content for web distribution. Media content will be generated to consider creative and documentary process for web dissemination. Throughout the summer session readings relating to net culture and other creative forms for network spaces will be required as well as technical readings.

Course Goals

  • Create a media-rich website with a text editor that uses responsive design to adapt to the browser and device of the user
  • Compose pseudocode to think through problems and create site maps and wireframes to map out project development
  • Apply JavaScript libraries and API’s for web development
  • Apply design concepts with CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  • Distinguish important characteristics of Internet Art and identify leading practitioners
  • Distinguish the trade-offs between creating a website with a CMS and a text editor

MEDP 331 Web Production 2
Th 10:10AM – 1:00PM
Hunter North 470

Web Production II builds upon the front-end tools employed in Web Production I to develop an understanding of server side programming and dynamic website production. Advanced coding methods will be introduced such as JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, MySQL, XML, JSON. Students will develop multiple interactive web projects using a range of methods and tools. The projects will cultivate an understanding of user-centered design and development of effective websites across multiple genres.

A terminal degree is required to teach the course (MFA, MPS or PhD). The semester runs from January 28th through May 24th. Please respond immediately if you are interested in teaching the course and meet the criteria and please feel free to circulate the call. Email CVs and portfolio links to Andrew Demirjian and Ricardo Miranda –;


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