Upcoming 2017 Network Conversations

New Media Caucus is proud to sponsor the fall 2017 Networked Conversations hosted by Randall Packer. Networked Conversations features media artists, curators, writers, and activists exploring a broad range of social, political and aesthetic topics at the intersection of net culture. Networked Conversations collapses geographical and cultural boundaries via participatory Internet chat from anywhere in the world that is free, open, and accessible. Networked Conversations is presented by the Third Space Network.

The concept of the Third Space Network has emerged from the Art of the Networked Practice | Online Symposium [i] and NetArtizens Project, organized by Randall Packer and Furtherfield’s Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow at the School of Art, Design and Media of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. The aspiration of the Third Space Network is to stimulate a new form of socially-based participatory media arts broadcasting within the thriving digital culture that has added Internet media to traditional forms of television broadcasting. The Third Space Network embraces the idea of participation in a real-time, collaborative broadcast community.

Randall Packer hosting an Internet broadcast of the Post Reality Show (2012), with guest artist Mina Cheon. Special Thanks to Randall Packer & The Third Space Network for image use.


The upcoming Fall 2017 Networked Conversations line up is:


Don Foresta

Saturday, September 23rd 11:00am – 12:00pm (EDT-US EAST COAST)

Don Foresta is a network research artist who has been working for more than thirty years to develop the network as an artistic tool. An ex-patriot living in Paris since the early 1970s, he is a recipient of the prestigious Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture. Foresta is currently building, as coordinator of an international team, the permanent high bandwidth art network MARCEL using Internet 2 & 3 to connect institutions internationally.


Second Front

Saturday, October 28th 11:00 am – 12:00pm (EDT-US EAST COAST)

Second Front is the first performance art group in the online virtual world of Second Life. Founded in 2006, Second Front quickly grew to its current seven-member troupe that includes Gazira Babeli (Italy), Yael Gilks (London), Bibbe Hansen (New York), Doug Jarvis (Victoria), Scott Kildall (San Francisco), Patrick Lichty (Chicago) and Liz Solo (St. Johns). Second Front has performed extensively both in-world and in galleries and museums. Though the artists perform remotely their performances have been shown live in New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Brussels, Berlin, Vancouver and many other cities.


Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett, Co-Directors of Furtherfield

Saturday, November 18th 11:00 am – 12:00pm (EDT-US EAST COAST)

Based in London, UK, Furtherfield, co-directed by Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett, is an alternative arts organization and website for exhibition, discussion and critical review with two physical spaces in the heart of Finsbury Park. Furtherfield believes that through creative and critical engagement with practices in art and technology people are inspired and enabled to become active co-creators of their cultures and societies. Art and technologies play a central role in the way we see and form our societies, and so it is important that programming and productions involve more, and more diverse people at a fundamental level.


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